Young Scout Parent Manual

Information and Details About Young Scouts


Lake Forest Soccer Association

P.O. Box 346

Lake Forest, IL  60045

Phone: (847) 778-5372

Weather Hotline: (847) 234-2380




Director of Coaching

Oktay Akgun

(847) 989-4084


Young Scouts Director

Can (John) Gungoren

(310) 382-6765


Club Administrator

Janet Hanekamp

(847) 778-5372

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Young Scouts League

A Co-ed Instructional Soccer League

Sponsored by Lake Forest Soccer Association


Practice Days

Thursdays or Fridays

You will choose either Thursday or Friday as your practice day

4:15 pm – 5:15 pm Thursdays

4:15 pm – 5:15 pm Fridays

Beginning early September.


Northcroft Park

1365 S. Ridge Rd.

Lake Forest, IL  60045



Saturdays, beginning in September.

8:45 am and 9:45 am


Lake Forest Recreation Center (Southeast corner of Rec. fields)

400 Hasting Road

Lake Forest, IL 60045



Weather Hotline

  • Text Updates :  register at


Important Dates

Skill Development Day (Warm-Up)

Late August-TBD

Northcroft Park


Fall Practices Begin

Thursday or Friday, early Sept.

Thursdays 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm

Fridays 4:00-5:00 pm

Northcroft Park


Fall Games


LF Recreation Center

400 Hastings Road


Spring Practices Begin

April 12, 2018 at Northcroft Park


Spring Games

Saturdays, April 14, 2018- June 9, 2018

LF Recreation Center

400 Hastings Road

No game on Memorial Day weekend


Practice Days


Young Scouts have a one hour practice each week.  You will choose and let us know if you prefer Thursdays or Fridays.


Players should arrive on time and wear or bring the following every week:


  • Soccer clothing:  gym shorts and t-shirts
  • Cleats and shin guards
  • Water bottle
  • Size 3 soccer ball
  • Dress for the weather if it is cold or hot!!!



Game Days


Games are held on Saturday mornings.  Two games are played, simultaneously, on side-by-side fields.


Game times: 8:45 am and 9:45 am


Players should arrive 10 minutes early and wear or bring the following to the games:


  • Team Uniform
  • Cleats and shin guards
  • Water bottle
  • Size 3 soccer ball- provided
  • If it is cold, a turtleneck or sweatshirt is recommended in addition to the uniform jersey




Uniform Jerseys are included in the registration fee for Young Scouts.  Each player will receive a Team Jersey, specific for his/her team.


In addition to the Team Jersey, the uniform consists of:

  • White soccer shorts
  • White socks
  • Cleats and Shin Guards


Kiddles is our supplier for uniform shorts and socks. Kiddles also carries a selection of cleats and shin guards for LFSA players. If you have questions, please see Howard at Kiddles.    


Kiddles Sports

258 Market Square

Lake Forest, IL  60045

(847) 234-0025



Soccer Balls


A size 3 soccer ball is used for players under age 8.  A soccer ball is provided to each Young Scout player and will be handed out at the first practice.


  •  If your child did not receive their initial soccer ball, please contact Janet Hanekamp at
  •  If you would like to purchase an additional ball, please stop in Kiddles.



Medical Waiver


Each child must have a signed IYSA medical waiver on file with LFSA.  A Medical Waiver can be found at under “Forms.” Please bring this form to the skill development day.



Program Overview



The Young Scouts League provides children the opportunity to learn soccer skills from nationally licensed coaches at weekly skill sessions and give them the opportunity to participate in weekly games against other teams in the program.


 The Young Scouts League has been designed to allow athletic kids who may have already been involved in AYSO soccer, further develop their soccer skills through training from nationally certified coaches.


Emphasis will be placed on the following:


  • Proper warm-up skills.


  • Soccer etiquette and respect for the coach and other players.


  • Skill development: Each child progresses at a different pace.  Learning curves are unique for each player.


The goal of the Young Scouts Program is to provide technical instruction to allow a child to build solid fundamental soccer skills, as well as have fun and enjoy the game of soccer.




Weeks 1 – 4


Basic Warm Up Skills

Warm up games will be fun and geared toward improving basic ball skills. Young Scouts will establish a consistent routine to establish good training habits at the onset of the child’s soccer experience.


Basic passing and receiving skills

Of all basic soccer skills, dribbling is the most fundamental.  Young Scouts players will learn the basics of keeping the ball moving .  Early instruction will focus on dribbling in place or moving slightly with the ball.


Dribbling is the foundation of many other soccer skills and is the forerunner to passing.


Passing and Receiving

Young Scouts will learn the fundamentals of passing and receiving the ball.  Players will learn how to prepare for a pass and kick the ball.  They will also practice receiving passes which are kicked to them.


Weeks 5 – 8


Ball control

The second half of the season will concentrate on practicing and improving fundamental ball skills, while adding the element of ball control.  As the players become more comfortable moving with the ball, their ability to control the dribble and pass will develop.



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Director of Coaching

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