Lake Forest

Soccer Association

Phone: 224-212-0415

Refund Policy

The Lake Forest Soccer Association has a no refund policy which may be waived only in extreme circumstances. Any refund shall be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. At times, it may become necessary or desirable to take certain actions and or to respond to circumstances in a manner that LFSA believes is in the best interest of the association and or its players.

The following circumstances do not warrant a refund and will not be considered by the Board of Directors:

 ·Player movement within or across age levels, either temporary or permanent
·Realignment of teams within an existing league or new league
·Consolidation of teams
·Expansion of teams
·Changes to team rosters
·Reassignment of coaches
·Changes in practice facilities, times, days
·Additions, deletions, and or changes associated with tournaments
·Actions associated with actual versus planned registrations
·Voluntary withdrawal from a team