Lake Forest

Soccer Association

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Commonly Asked Registration Questions

Additional topics are addressed in the FAQ tab

Q.  I have forgotten my online password.  How can I register?

A.  Click the "forgot my password" button during registration. You will receive an email with instructions. 

Q.  What if I am having problems with the web site or online registration system?

A.  If you are experiencing difficulties, contact Janet Hanekamp at

Q.  The program/team/clinic/camp does not appear on the registration screen.

A.  The computer system has edits, which may cause a camp, clinic or team from appearing in the program menu. If you have difficulties, email us at  Common reasons:

  -  Your child’s date of birth may be outside the parameters for the program (i.e. too youngr too old)

     -  Registration for a specific program may be closed at this time.

In all instances, please email us at for assistance

Q.  Have the coaches been named to next season’s teams?

A.  Coaches are currently being assigned to teams and will be completed after registrations. 

Q.  What are the practice days for next year?

A.  Practice days will be confirmed by July 1st.

Q.  When does August pre-season start?

A.  Pre-season practices will be scheduled in early August. Times and dates TBD.

Q.  What if we have a family vacation scheduled in August?

A.  The coaches understand that family commitments are important and take precedence.  If your child will miss practices in August, please let your coach know as soon as possible.  The August pre-season period is a strong developmental time for the players.  The weekday practices allow players to sharpen their technical skills before the fall tournaments and league games.

Q.  Is financial assistance available?

A.  A limited number of scholarships are available, however 100% scholarships are not granted.  LFSA utilizes an independent financial firm to determine the appropriateness of a scholarhsip.  All information is provided on a confidential basis.  Final Executive Board approval is required for all scholarships.