Lake Forest

Soccer Association

Phone: 224-212-0415

Thank you for trying out for LFSA!

Thank You for coming and trying out for LFSA. Whether you are a new player or a returning player, we hope your tryout experience was a good one!


We have over 200 players trying out, and 10 professional trainers to evaluate our soccer talent. During your tryout experience you were evaluated and ranked by 2-8 trainers. You are evaluated on your skills, team work and overall ability to compete and perform in different game-like situations. This process is very important because we want to insure that you are placed on the appropriate team and you have a great soccer experience at LFSA!


Our training staff, headed by Oktay Akgun, will spend the next few days formulating our teams. Each player will be individually discussed by their tryout number and placed on (or wait listed for) a proper team. This job is a very difficult process. Please support Oktay and his staff and their decisions. If you know that you will not participate with our association, please have the courtesy to notify the LFSA Office at 847-578-0206 to remove your name from consideration.


Acceptances by tryout number will be posted on our website on the evening of June 9th . Pre-registration to accept your spot will be available on-line, but a Mandatory Registration is June 12th from 5:00 8:00 p.m. at Turf Time which is located at 29860 Skokie Highway (Route 41) in Lake Bluff. Rosters will be signed, Uniforms (if needed) will be ordered, and a New Parent Orientation Meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m. at this Registration. Please check the website for items that will need to be brought to complete the registration process.


We at L.F.S.A. look forward to continuing or beginning our soccer experience with you!


Go Scouts!