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Soccer Association

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Kick-Off Night

Thank you!

Thanks for all of you who attended our travel soccer Kick-off Night.  This year was well organized by our very own Coach K, aka Susie and her band of volunteers who did everything from make signs to cut watermelon and tend the grill.  Thanks to you all!

We hope you all enjoyed the picnic.  We have learned for next year that WE NEED MORE HOTDOGS!  We are still puzzled by how we ended up with extra buns.  A certain Steve Martin scene comes to mind from Father of the Bride.

It was a special treat to watch the coaches’ scrimmage as we had 4 guest players from the Girls National team and Lake Forest High School Varsity team.  Did you know that these girls started together with LFSA at U8?!  The teams were well matched resulting in a 2-2 tie game.  Thanks for coming ladies!

If you were unable to attend, please make sure to speak with your team manager for updates.

We look forward to a great year!  Go Scouts!