Lake Forest

Soccer Association

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A Letter From LF Parks and Recreation Department


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: All parents and guardians of soccer players:
One of our primary objectives is that children have safe recreation areas. To that end, soccer goals that have been secured for an entire playing season should remainsecurely anchored to the ground and nets firmly attached to the goals.
In an effort to keep the goals and nets secure and children safe, you are required to advise your children/soccer players and any other person accompanying you for whom you are responsible that the following is strictly prohibited: moving any soccer goals that have been secured for an entire playing season and any use of a soccer goal that is inconsistent with soccer-related activity, including without limitation, playing, climbing, or hanging on any part of the soccer goal. This especially applies to children climbing on or hanging from nets or goal frames. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, these activities can result in serious injury, including death.
If you observe any child inappropriately using a soccer goal or net, immediately and politely ask the child to stop. If the activity continues, please notify a coach or referee as soon as possible. Players violating this rule may be forced to sit out, at the coach’s discretion.
Finally, if you see any soccer goal that is intended to be anchored that is not anchored down or any net that is not firmly secured to the goal, please notify a coach or referee immediately or in their absence contact the Lake Forest Parks and Recreation Department during normal hours of operation at 847-234-6700 or after hours at 847-613-0923.
Mary Van Arsdale
Director of Parks and Recreation