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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is LFSA?
A: LFSA is a competitive soccer club offering youth Travel Programs for boys and girls ages 7 to 18. LFSA also offers a developmental Young Scouts program for players age 5-7. 
Q: How do I know if my child is ready for Club soccer?
A: LFSA is a natural progression for many athletic players who are ready for a more elite program than their current community-based program. Many of our players came from a school or AYSO environment and were recognized as one of the stronger players on their team. Our teams are formed according to a player’s skill level so they are appropriately challenged and their development is maximized. 
Q: What is the difference between LFSA and AYSO?
A: All LFSA teams have professional, licensed trainers and play in competitive travel soccer leagues. Players receive high-level training from our USSF coaching staff. Teams practice twice a week, and the season runs from August to June. Our full-time Director of Coaching oversees the coaching staff, players and program curriculum. Overall, LFSA players tend to play at a high skill level and have a strong commitment, with soccer being their primary sport. 
Q: What is the cost of the program?
A: Costs vary by program. Fees are based on a full calendar year (Preseason, Fall, Winter and Spring seasons) of play). Our Travel Soccer program averages less than $15 per training hour. The final Travel Fees in the process of being updated for the 2014-15. As a non-profit organization, we are constantly reviewing our fee structure and working hard to minimize overhead expenses and keep the cost of our Travel program affordable and competitive in the market. 
Q: Is financial assistance available?
A: A limited number of scholarships are available, however 100% scholarships are not granted. LFSA utilizes an independent financial firm to determine the appropriateness of a scholarship. All information is provided on a confidential basis. Final Executive Board approval is required for all scholarships. 
Q: How far do the teams travel?
A: All practices are held in Lake Forest. All home games are played in Lake Forest. The majority of away games are played in the near suburbs, usually within a 30 minute drive. Teams also participate in local/regional/national tournaments, depending on the level of skill.
Q:  When are practices? When are games played?
A: Practices are held two days per week, after school. Boys’ games are played on Saturdays, girls’ games are on Sundays. 
Q: What age groups can participate in LFSA? 
A:  LFSA offers Travel teams to players U8 to U18. (For younger players, the Young Scouts program offers professional training and game experience for children ages 5-7. Tryouts are not needed for the Young Scouts program. Fundamental soccer skills are taught in a fun and engaging soccer environment). 
Q: Can my son/daughter be on his friend’s team?
A: Travel teams are formed based on player skill level. Specific requests cannot be granted except at the Young Scouts level.
Q: Are tryouts needed for the Travel team? When are they held?
A: Yes. All players are placed on teams based on their soccer skills and abilities. Each age group has a two day tryout schedule. Players will be evaluated by a minimum of three coaches, based on technical skills, tactical skills, speed, physical attributes and attitude.   Tryouts are held during the last week of May. Team results are posted several days after tryouts are concluded. In order for a player to have the best possible evaluation, he/she needs to attend both tryout days for his/her age group. 
Q: What if we miss tryouts? Can my child still join a team?
A: LFSA recognizes that family or school commitments may cause a player to miss tryouts. For an alternate tryout arrangement please contact Janet Hanekamp at .  Placement on a team will be determined by the results of the tryout and the availability of player spaces on the roster. 
Q: What is the difference between the Blue and White teams, the Select and Premier teams?
A: Teams are formed by matching players of equal playing ability. There is a natural division within the skill levels. This helps provide a challenging environment and furthers the development of all players.   Our professional coaches coach both A and B teams. Each year at tryouts every player has an equal chance of making the team of their choice. 
Q: Does LFSA offer specialized Goalkeeper training?
A: Yes. We have a dedicated goalkeeper coach who has been training goalies for over 30 years. 
Q: We have just move to the area. Our child has played competitive soccer in our previous town. Is it possible to have a mid-year tryout?
A: Yes. Please contact Janet Hanekamp at for more information. 
 Q: We do not live in Lake Forest or Lake Bluff. Can my child still play for LFSA? Is there a cost difference?
A: It is not necessary to live in Lake Forest or Lake Bluff to play for LFSA. Many of our players come from surrounding communities. There is no surcharge for players residing outside of the Lake Forest or Lake Bluff. 
Q: What if I am having problems with the web site or online registration system? 
A: If you are experiencing difficulties with registration, contact 
Q: Who do I call if I am unhappy with a situation at a game or a practice?
A: You should speak with your child’s coach or Team Manager, depending on the nature of your situation. LFSA strongly urges parents to have open and honest discussions with their child’s coach, rather than engage in chatter along the sidelines which can be harmful and hurtful to other parents or players. LFSA also abides by the 24-Hour rule; parents should wait 24 hours before contacting their coach to discuss a game situation. Our coaches have several teams and often times they must go directly from one game to the next. 
 If you are not satisfied after discussing a situation with the coach, Oktay Akgun, Director of Coaching, is always available to speak with parents and answer any questions they may have. 
Q: What if my child plays another sport or has another activity?
A: We realize that children and young adults have many interests and we encourage children to pursue multiple activities.  However, we expect LFSA to be a top priority for the child. Attendance is expected at all practices, games and tournaments.   Missed practices will result in reduced playing time, and lost opportunity for skill development. 
Q: What if my child changes his mind and does not want to play soccer anymore?
A : Our first opportunity would be to find out why the player is no longer enjoying the game. LFSA is committed to the success of its programs and players. We will work with the player to develop a training situation which will result in positive and successful experience for the player and team.
 Q: What is LFSA’s refund policy?
A:   LFSA does not provide refunds and/or prorations with the exception of extreme circumstances.
Q: My son/daughter has a mild medical condition. What do I do?
A: Please make your team’s coach and team manager aware of the medical condition or allergy. Also, indicate this information on the registration home page when you register your child. 
Q: What is your policy for rainouts, or other cancellations due to weather?
A: Games are played in poor weather, as long as the safety of the players is not an issue and the field conditions are good. Players can play in rain, light snow, very cold or very hot weather. By the nature of the weather changes, rainouts are often not predictable and it is appreciated that parents are flexible regarding cancelled and rescheduled games. 
Q: How can I get more involved?
A: Excellent question! LFSA has many volunteer and other opportunities available! You can volunteer on a team basis as a team manager, tournament manager or team photographer.   Also, volunteers are needed to assist with tryouts in May and June. Contact Janet Hanekamp at  for more information.